Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another Doctor Appointment

This morning I had another appointment to see if baby girl flipped. They also checked to see if I have started to dilate. Well she hasn't flipped and I was told that she probably won't flip on her own because of the location of her feet. Which means I have to keep doing the exercises and help guide her in the direction she should move, not fun. But during the ultrasound she stuck her tongue out at us, it was too funny! Then I was told I am 1 to 2 centimeters dilated so that was good. Also I didn't gain any weight over the last 7 days which surprised me because we went to Old Country Buffet for lunch yesterday and I stuffed myself like always! I have another appointment next Tuesday and they will check everything again.

Other than that we aren't having any success with the car buying which is stressful and I am too exhausted to even tell you what we have been through the last few days.

On a happier note, J is taking me on a date! We are going to be leaving in a few minutes.


tonya said...

Well she already has a strong personality, strong will and SASSY....sounds like my kind of girl!!!

Hope your exercises get her flipped around and hope your car search is over soon!

Have fun on your date!


Tracey said...

Hope you had a fun date, and good luck on the baby flip and car problems.