Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Doctor's Appointment

I had my Ob appointment today and I have gained 26 lbs total. The baby girl is still breech and I have a list of exercises to do to help encourage her to flip! I have been trying to do them but it is so hard with everything else I have going on. While I was with the midwife only about 30 minutes I had 2 contractions and she wanted to check my cervix but I had GlamorGirl with me and didn't feel comfortable having it done today and it wasn't necessary. They want me back next week at 35 weeks and I am hoping that I will get an ultrasound to see if she is in fact still breech and they are also going to check me, oh fun.


Tracey said...

Good luck. I've heard that the whole flip thing isn't very comfortable... FLIP OVER BABY!

Melanie said...

I hope the exercises work to flip that little baby around!