Tuesday, December 18, 2007

8 years of marriage and Lord willing many more to come...

Apparently I am no good at this surprise thing. Today is our anniversary and J had already made plans for a sitter so he could take me out to lunch. I asked him this morning if we were going to do anything and he said he wanted to clean the house. I was giving him suggestions of what we could do which he had already done but I didn't know about. I love when he does things without me knowing but I always seem to ruin them. We had a good lunch and now he took the three kids sledding. I hope we don't have any accidents like last year!

Yesterday was a very fun day. We pulled the two kids out of school and took them to the Winter Wonder Fest. My Friday morning Bible study at church had planned this event and so there was 39 people that went. There was a group of 16 who drove the church van they were all the women that had kids but their husbands were working and then the other 23 were 4 families us being one of the 4. The husbands were either firefighters or police officers so they have different work schedules! The kids had fun riding rides and playing with their friends from church. Dinner was fun too. We sat most of the kids at one table and the men decided to sit with them so us women had a nice dinner!

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, I hope you made it through the sledding without any accidents too!

Happy Anniversary! It is my cousins 8th Anniversary too. : )