Friday, April 23, 2010

The Weekend

It is here! Which means that the hubs is not. Tonight I had a plan on what we were going to do while he was gone. I usually don't and start to get mad that he left me on a Friday night. I can say this because he doesn't read my blog anymore. I think I bore him :) Anyways, I was going to get a movie from the library but it was closed so I went to a redbox and they didn't have any kid appropriate movies so on to plan B. Yes, I even had a back up plan, yay me. We played the Wii. GG and I played a few games and then it was the boys turn. They chose to play Lego Star Wars. The whole time they yelled at each other because the other wasn't doing what the other wanted them to do in the game. It was really hard to listen too. I was happy when the time was up. Which brought on a whole new set of issues and complaints. After much talking and appropriate punishment we moved on with the night. I read another chapter in the Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Clearly. I loved that book when I was little and I am enjoying reading it with the kids. All in all tonight wasn't bad. I little lonely, but not terrible. Tomorrow night he has a meeting at church that starts at 5:30 and will probably be over by 9pm. I am going to have a plan for that time...or I will not survive it...they will eat me alive!!! Just kidding. Though dinner and bedtime are just horrible times for my helpmate to be GONE.


sarahgrace said...

Omigosh- I cannot believe how big your kids look all of the sudden in your new header! (Have I really been reading for that long?)

It's so funny that you mentioned the boys fighting over Lego Star Wars- that is EXACTLY what Beau and Drew do too when they play it! LOL.

I feel your pain about missing your hubby on the weekend. Kev plays on the worship team for our church and is gone from 2-7 on Saturdays, and 7-12:30 on Sundays. Of course, I go one of the services with the kids- but it's hard to get out the door with all of them and then get em all checked in all by myself (as I'm sure you are WELL aware of!) Hope the rest of your weekend goes nicely. :)

corrie said...

no kidding! justin was gone for 4 days this week (in CA), he is golfing today, and next wknd he is going to st. louis for 3 days! i am going crazy! i feel your pain sister

Adina said...

kudos for plan A AND plan B. nice going mama!
i hear ya about him being gone. i'm right there with you (but 5 times worse).

Tonya said...

Adina...I feel so bad for complaining about MY situation when I think about yours.