Monday, September 06, 2010

A First

On Saturday night GlamorGirl had her first sleepover. The girls were really good. No fights or arguments just playing together and having a lot of fun. Her friend E is a very sweet girl who doesn't try to get GG in trouble but doing stuff they both know is wrong. This summer she has had a few friends like have been bad influences on her and E is a good influence so I am happy to have her over whenever! Though I'm not sure about her sleeping there...not sure I'M ready for that. I also don't know how well she will do. She is pretty much a homebody. Has a hard time sleeping in hotels and such so we'll see. But they only live 3 minutes from our house! They were really cute when I put them to bed. We blew up an air mattress in the spare bedroom so they wouldn't wake up Peanut. I gave them each a finger flash light and told them they could talk but they had to be quiet because the other kids were sleeping. I also shut the door and told them when we went to sleep I would come check on them. At 10pm when I went in to say we were going to sleep and they told me they decided it was time for them to go to sleep. They came to that decision because the church picnic was the next day and neither of them wanted to be tired for it. I was so proud of them they made a great choice! I didn't take any pictures and now I wish I had taken at least one of them in the bed together. Oh well. At least I blogged it!


hestermom said...

What sweet girls. =)

Kat said...

Wow! What great girls! :)

mikeanddebbie said...

Glad they had fun together!! Hey, check out my wall on Facebook and please vote for Luke each day and if you wouldn't mind, pass it on to your friends! Thanks! I know you always win at blogger contests so I thought maybe you'd be a good one to pass it on to! :)