Monday, September 13, 2010

In-house Retreat

This year my husband and I are JAM leaders which is the Jr. High ministry at our church. My husband did Friday nights last year and this year we will do Wednesday and Fridays together. I am really excited about it but it will also put a HUGE damper on our social life of having people over as Friday nights we have a commitment. This weekend all the leaders and students for both Jr. High and High School were at church. It was such a great time. We started planning some of the theme nights and we have some really great ideas. J and I have wanted to be youth leaders since we were married but the kids came right away and it was too hard and now that our youngest is going to be 3 years old tomorrow it is making this ministry easier to be involved with. I was thinking the other day that I am going to start to feel old when I start to get my toddler kids in Jr. High, which will be awhile since they are only 4yo right now. But I bet that 8 years goes fast!!!

Other than that I am feeling sad today. For the last few days I feel like satan has been attacking me. I just wish sometimes I wasn't so sensitive and I didn't let things bother me. But it is hard when it *feels like we are never included or invited to things with our friends. (And I know we have 4 kids but still it is a sucky feeling) I get that you can't invite EVERYONE to stuff as I struggle with that when hosting. I probably shouldn't post this but it is who I am and how I am feeling RIGHT now. I'm sure it will pass but right now it just blows chunks.

*but I know it isn't true
**Update on this subject after I wrote that above paragraph I talked to my husband and we got to the root of my mood on the subject. It had to do with poor choice of words in a conversation I had about the outing, that were not true.

On a completely different note...I took GG out on Sunday after church with another mom and daughter. We had a complete BLAST. We took the girls out for lunch, nails, ice cream and then shopping! It was a great afternoon of fun. The girls decided to switch moms for the afternoon which was really funny. The funniest comment of the afternoon was when we were at Target in the halloween section. LDC had a black hat and mask on and was saying, "Have you seen my dead husband?" I told her, "He is buried in the ground" Then my GG says, "Yeah he is the one with rip on the top." But she said rip instead of R.I.P. it was so funny. I then explained to her how R.I.P. stood for Rest in Peace. There was many other laughs too but that comment was the funniest. Let's just say that LC and I had trouble keeping the pee in at one point! Those girls had us laughing so hard :)


Joanna Reinhardt-Anderson said...

Proud of you. Sending my love. Understand the blow chunks and holding the pee in part so well. You really are so amazing aren't you?!

Kristin said...

Glad to hear you had fun on your daughter/mommy date!;)

hestermom said...

I have had Beth Moore's book, So Long Insecurity sitting on my shelf for months. I knew I was supposed to get it, but I just wasn't up for reading it. This past week, God told me very clearly, "It's time!" Anyway, it is hard to admit our insecurities, but God is so kind to us in the midst of them. Learning how insecure I really am, but so thankful that God is willing to work on me. Thanks for sharing. =) And, I understand too... having 4 kiddos doesn't exactly make us the top of the invite list... but we always more than enough people for a crazy game of Twister. hahaha.