Thursday, September 02, 2010

oh the DENTIST!

Why does EVERY dentist visit give good blog fodder??? There was this dentist visit that still gives me nightmares and this visit was good entertainment. Our appointments were at 9:30am. We got there early in hopes that we could be done early and get some grocery shopping done before lunch seeing as we had NO FOOD for lunch. They called GG and me to the chairs. I sat down, got the cover put on me had the seat adjusted and then the power went out. Great! Can you image in headache rescheduling 5 people will be for them and for us?! They tried calling the electric company and got a message saying they didn't have any specifics at this time. After about 15 minutes in the dark we came up with a plan. I left the two oldest at the office and took the two youngest with me to get some groceries. As soon as the power came on they were suppose to call me so that I had 30 minutes to get back there, the time it would take to clean the oldest twos teeth. They called me at 10:25 which was fine because I had grabbed everything I had needed and was headed to the check out. I called back to see how much time I had before the kids were done and the lady told me they were done and that they were waiting for me. I think she got side tracked and didn't call me right away! Ugh that was a bit annoying so I drove back there and stuck my meat and dairy in their mini fridge. Because of the power outage they were trying to get us done and out as quick as possible...but Peanut had other ideas on that subject. The plan was for me to get her set up in the chair and leave when my room was ready. She was NOT having that. I ended up sitting on her chair and holding her and then she was completely fine. They didn't do the whole cleaning with her since it was her first time and she isn't quite 3 years old yet. I have a feeling we are going to have a rough go with her in the chair next time. The dentist showed her the polisher and put it on her teeth and then turned it on for a second and she freaked. We'll see what happens in 6 months when they will actual clean them :) The dentist reports on the other kids were as follows. GlamorGirl needs to brush better and brush her gums and also brush morning and night. She told the dentist she was too busy to brush at night. Not sure what that was all about as that is usually one of her excuses to stay out of bed! Monkey got a referral to an orthodontist because he has only lost ONE tooth and none of the other ones are loose. I guess that concerns him. I told him I didn't loose my first tooth until I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. I was older then the average kid. But not only is his teeth not coming out but he doesn't have a whole lot of room for his adult teeth to come in. He wants us to just get it check out...really hoping our dental insurance covers this but thinking it doesn't. Red had a great check up. The dentist said he is doing a great job, way to go Red! I have no cavities either.

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Kat said...

Whew! Well, at least you didn't have to reschedule, right? ;)
This reminds me, I have to get my boys in to see the dentist. :)