Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ahh Life is so good...busy but GOOD!

I love the busy-ness of the fall I think that is one of the reasons it is my FAVORITE season. Plus it means my birthday is soon, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner too! How can you NOT love it. The changing colors the cooler weather but not too cold. It is prefect to me. I have a few minutes before I need to go pick up the two youngest from school so I thought I would update the good ole blog! I think I will do a person by person update as well. We'll start with the kids and then the parents :)

GlamorGirl: She is in 4th grade this year and has her first male teacher. She has talked about having him as a teacher for years and she is so excited she finally has him...haha. He doesn't believe in a whole lota homework which is AWESOME. Everyday she comes home with stories of the day and things they are doing and learning in class. I think it is going to be a great year for her other than the fact that her two besties are in the other class. She will make new friends, she is like that! And it isn't like she never gets to see her besties because they eat lunch together, have gym together, and recess together. Things are going good for her.

Monkey: He has one of my favorite teachers at that school. I say one because I have A LOT of favorites :) I have talked to her a few times already this year about his eyesight and other things. She told me that he is a very bright student and very smart like his sister. Last year his grades were rough and it really bugged him to the point he stopped trying. I think this year will be MUCH more positive for him. He is also in class with a bunch of his friends who were in a different class last year so he is happy about that. Time will tell but I have a really good feeling about this year for him as well! He loves going to school this year which is so neat to see and he has started to enjoy READING. Yay!

Red: This year has started off really rocky for him. This summer I tried my hardest to get him to continue reading but he is so stubborn and would just sit there or moan and groan to the point I just stopped trying. It is showing to be his downfall this year and he is REALLY struggling in his reading. I have talked to his teacher several times about his reading homework. They read it in class first and then at home. But you would think he never saw the material before when I sit down with him. Last night I started doing something different with him to help him. We read the homework twice and then we do the next days reading once. I make him do the phonics flash cards too. He hates it but I think if we keep doing it he will get better and feel more confident in his reading and then it won't be such a power struggle for him to do his reading. UGH This could be a rough year for him but I really hope not.

Peanut: She is LOVING preschool. She gets really sad on the days she has to stay home but I'm not ready for her to go everyday. I like having one on one time with her a few days a week. She has been getting extra pages send home with her that I am going to keep for next year when she isn't in school. I have decided that we are going to hold her back so that she is the oldest in her class and not one of the youngest. There are other reasons but that is a whole separate post! I just can't believe she is 3 years old. She has such a BIG personality too for such a little person. Red's teacher Mrs. R told me yesterday she saw Peanut with her friend Kate (who is Mrs. R's granddaughter), Kate ran up to Mrs. R, "Grandma!" and gave her a hug so Peanut ran up to Mrs. R "grandma" and so Mrs. R gave her a hug too. Peanut has adopted many of her friends grandparents which is so funny to me! She's not shy that's for sure.

Me: I'm running around like a crazy women now that school is in session. I try and get all my errands done on the days that all 4 kids are in school. I only have one present to buy for Christmas and my immediate family is done. Such a great feeling. Still need to talk to the extended family and see what we are doing about presents this year. Then I'll know how many more presents I need to buy still. Tonight is the first night this week that I am cooking a meal. Monday we went out with my dad, Tuesday was Peanut's birthday dinner, and Wednesday was AWANA clubs and they serve dinner there! After dinner I am going out with some ladies, can't say anything more about that. ;) Friday my friend and I are going apple picking, then Friday night is the first night of JAM (jr. high ministry at church) outreach night, we are doing Minute to Win it, it should be so fun. Saturday we have a birthday party. Sunday we have church and another birthday party. Then the next week should settle down where we only have something Wednesday night and Friday night...though I do want to take the kids to a pumpkin farm one day after school. It is cheaper on the weekdays than the weekend. Then that Saturday is Peanut's friend party. See I'm busy!!!

Jeff: Schools have started so his job has gotten busy again too. He has meetings at night which is either days off or overtime. He has been doing a lot of training days too. He has the day off for Red's first field trip this year and so he will go with him. Jeff and I are going away for a weekend with a bunch of couples from church. We are both really excited about that. As far as church goes, he stepped down from Sunday morning worship (very happy about that) and sparkies, he is doing JAM, kids' Sunday morning hour worship, and has a role in our Sunday School class.

Life is good and God is good. We are so blessed...


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Sounds like life is busy and regular and happy for you. I love it.

I am mad that you are almost finished CHRISTMAS shopping already!!! lol I want to get started early but almost never do.

mikeanddebbie said...

Glad things are going well and that you are enjoying the busy-ness!

Kristin said...

How would it be possible for life with four young children, be anything but busy?! Yes, you are blessed.

Martie said...

It sounds like everything is WONDERFUL for you and your family! You are blessed!