Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Baby is 3 years old!

Last night we went out to eat with my dad and step mom because they are leaving for Greece on Friday and Monday was the only day both of us were available to celebrate Peanut's birthday. We went to our usual eating establishment. She got the cutest outfit for her birthday! She is planning on wearing it tomorrow to school.

Last night after she went to bed I decorated her door with letters she got and a birthday sign and then I decorated her bed with streamers. About 1:30am she woke up. I told her to climb into our bed in between us. Apparently she was sticking her fingers in J's ear so he kicked her out about 2am. She was scared so I told her I would lay with her for a few minutes. I was trying to wait til she fell asleep but everytime I tried to ease out of the bed her little hand would swing over and touch my face to make sure I was still there. By 3:15 I was done laying with her and I didn't care anymore that she still wasn't sleeping. I kissed her and told her I was going back to my bed. She gave a small whimper and that was it. I have no idea when she went back to sleep. She said she was scared of the dog in the house because it was trying to bite her. I think she got woke up by one of the neighbors letting their dog out to go potty and it barked. Needless to say, this morning came super duper EARLY. Peanut woke up and got showered with birthday wishes, hugs and kisses. She opened her cards before we took the kids to school. Then we went for a birthday breakfast just her and I. We had to do some not so fun things like go grocery shopping but it needed to be done. Then she had gymnastics! Which is her present from J and I. We are having her party in a couple weeks. We are going to go out as a family for dinner at her choice of places so we'll see where we end up...the kids are trying to persuade her to say Chipotle, she isn't a big fan of their food, it's too spicy. But when I made it she LOVED it, I didn't put as much spicy ingredients as the recipe called for. Great now I'm hungry for Chipotle. Peanut has had a wonderful birthday so far, but her birthday always means my is right around the corner!

Dear God, thank you for this precious little bundle of enormous JOY that is my Peanut. She brings happiness to our family and to other people she meets. I love watching her grow into such a sweet little girl. I pray she will follow hard after you Father. I pray Proverbs 31 for her. Thank you for letting us parent her it is such a privilege. Amen


Kat said...

Ahhh. Little Peanut. Happy Birthday! :)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Aaaawwww.....how adorable! Happy birthday to Peanut!

Kristin said...

Sorry, but I got a chuckle outta Peanut poking J's ear w/ her finger!! That happens sometimes here too, with C and Sweetness!! Also, I LOL, when you said..."great, now I'm hungry for Chipotle"! Ha-ha! Just an FYI...my kids are not huge fans of spicy foods including Chipotle, w/ the exception of Giggles. Anyway, the worker there told me their shredded pork is not spicy, so I tried that for the kids with just sour creme, cheese and lettuce......AND NOW, oye, what I've started, lil' pork taco cravers!!