Friday, April 29, 2011


Well my Monkey had his first game tonight. I was really nervous for him and his team because they were playing a team of all 4th graders. This is the first time he has played on a team like this...I know I've already said that but it's true! He played several different positions which was good for him. Early in the game a ball came right to him and he grabbed it and got it to first base to get the guy out. I was so proud of him. He did it! Then later on in the game a kid hit a fly ball and he caught it! Another out for my little man's first game. He batted twice and both times got home. We did get pictures but we all know I'm just not that good at getting them uploaded and on to the good ole blog. Anyways, when all was said and done his team won by 2 runs. I believe the final score was 7 to 5. What a great way to start the season beating a team who has older kids on it. He also had a great cheering section of grandma and grandpa M and Aunt Becky along with me and Jeff and his siblings. We actually had to tell the kids NOT to cheer for him when he got up to bat. We didn't want him to get nervous or distracted. But once he got on we let them loose! I was frozen by the end of the game but it was worth it to see him play his first game! So far my kids are rocking the organized sports :)

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Adina said...

Way to go Monkey...You may have some serious talent on your hands.