Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A note to see the Teacher!

It doesn't put fear in me now that I am a parent but it sure was upsetting to Monkey when I had to go see his teacher. I went to the cafeteria like I do every Wednesday and say hi to the two older kids before I pick up the two younger ones from school. Today Monkey was almost in tears as he told me his teacher wanted to see me TODAY! I reassured him I would go talk to her before I got the kids as I had about 10 minutes, he was relieved. It is actually a pretty funny story why I had to go see her, when I called to tell Jeff what happened he just laughed! You want to know? Okay, I'll tell you! Monkey's class gets packets of past work sent home, about every 6 weeks, so we can see his progress and then we sign it. The last one he got sent home his dad and him got in a conversation about cursive. So Jeff used the packet to show Monkey the correct way to sign your name in cursive. However, since he took his time and did it the right way it looked more like a 3rd or 4th grader signed Monkey's packet. The teacher questioned Monkey about it and he told her what happened. She didn't believe him. She showed him the other packets that his dad has signed and the handwriting didn't match. Poor kid was terrified. She told me he stood there completely wide eyed because she didn't believe him! I had to go in and confirm that in fact his dad signed his packet! The sad part about this incident is that there have been some kids in his class that don't want to get in trouble for their school work that they forge their parents signatures. I totally don't blame her for questioning the signature!

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Adina said...

ha ha...that's a funny story!