Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family Fun Night

Tonight we took the kids to see an Arena Football team. Jeff had gotten 6 tickets from a business acquaintance. They were really good seats!!! As soon as we walked into the stadium they gave us each a gift. It was a bobble head...we had 6 but now we only have 5 one broke. Now, I will let you in on a little secret of mine...I'm not a big fan of football. But the game tonight was so fun to watch and fast paced unlike normal NFL games. Before the game started they had 4 High School football teams competing at tug-of-war one of the teams was the Pretzels, the High School I went too. The had several of these types of games through the game. At one point someone in our section was competing for some coupons. Our guy won so we all got coupons. Anyways, the things that stick out to me the most...getting on the jumbo-tron. I didn't even notice until GG started screaming, "MOM LOOK YOUR UP THERE!" Her and Monkey got on it and I went to pick up Peanut but they took it off of us before she got on. She started to cry. She was sad she didn't get to see herself on the big screen. The other thing was Red getting his arm, foot and hand stuck in the chair at different times throughout the night. After he had gotten his foot stuck I looked at him and asked, "How do you keep doing that?" Then I just couldn't contain my laughter. Seriously, how does one get so many body parts stuck in stadium chairs??? He says, "Stop making fun of me." I clarified that I'm not making fun of him, I'm laughing at him and told him he should laugh at himself. It was FUNNY. To end the night our team WON :) The kids did a pretty good job sitting there for 3 hours for this game though they did get candy and a pretzel to eat which helped. I think fun was had by all. It for sure created some family memories!!!

**I remembered another cute story. I took Peanut to the bathroom and as she was washing her hands she says Hi to the lady standing next to her. The lady asked what her name was and she told her. The lady said that is a really pretty name. Then Peanut asked her what her name was. She said, "Tonya" Peanut gave me the funniest look like "what that's my mommy's name" so I told the lady that was my name too. Then she asked Peanut how old she was and after Peanut answered she asked the lady how old she was!!! The look on that lady's face was hilarious. I told her that she opened that can of worms :) I love kids they have no idea of the rules on questions!

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