Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Typically a holiday weekend means that Jeff works a half day and I am home with the kids. This year wasn't much different. Jeff was in the parade and he asked Peanut if she wanted to be in it too. The three older kids were in the 4th of July parade a year or two ago with daddy. I wasn't going to go to the parade but figured I should be there to take pictures since I got pictures when the other kids were in the parade it would only be right. Anyways fairness is a totally different topic! Peanut looked super cute in the car because you could really only see her little hand sticking out of the window waving most of the time. I guess halfway through the parade she told Jeff her hand was tired of waving. After they went past us we jumped in the van and drove over to the end of the parade to pick her up. Jeff said some friends were at the end of the parade so we walked to where they were and watched the rest of the parade with them. When the parade was said and done we made plans to go swimming. Then my friend called and asked if we wanted to come for lunch. So we headed to their house for a bbq and water fun. After we ate we drove to the pool and it was PACKED, we decided to go back their house and let the kids play in the sprinklers. They ran around for about 2 hours getting muddy and wet. Then we called the pool and decided to head back. It was still a little crowded but was starting to clear out. It was nice for the kids to have friends to play with at the pool. But the coolest thing of the day was right before we left Red went off the diving board. It took him three tries before he actually jumped off but once he did he didn't want to stop! I now have 3 diving board kids, oh boy! He was so proud of himself. Though we do have to work with him to jump off the front of the board and not off the side ;) After all the running around and swimming the kids were so tired and I had such a hard time waking them up this morning.

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Adina said...

Wow, I'm impressed! 3 diving board kids, huh? Is it contagious? 'Cause we need some of that over here.