Wednesday, September 07, 2011


It is the night before school starts and these kids are bouncing off the walls. All summer we have had a pretty good time with very minimal complaining about being bored, until today. They had orientation last night where they got to drop off their school supplies, meet their teachers and see who was in their class this year. Which lends to today with them being BORED. They want to start school NOW. I knew today was going to be hard for them so I tried to have things to do. So we went to our chiropractor appointment and then took the kids to get their pictures taken, yeah not so exciting but still something to do right?! I will talk more about the pictures in a second. When we got home I decided that we should do something that the kids have been wanting to do for months. They wanted to go to the park that Jeff and I played tennis at a few years ago. We drive by it all the time but never stop. After lunch we hopped on our bikes and we took a bike ride to that park. It is about a 20 minute bike ride. I let them play for about an hour or so and then we headed home. Peanut needed to get a nap she is still napping. The kids are outside playing now too.

For the past few years I have been taking the kids to JC Penney's for school pictures because they are so much more affordable then the actual school pictures that go in the yearbooks. I got 13 sheets for 3.99 each. Well Peanut was hilarious today when getting her picture taken. She kept striking a pose. She would put her hand on her hip and just make the most spunky sassy pose ever. It was too funny. And of course, the photographer was trying to pose her, to which she said, "I'm going to do it like this." We were laughing so hard at her. That's my girl ;)

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