Monday, September 12, 2011

Self pity party

I sit here completely and utterly discouraged. For the last week I haven't been feeling the greatest and I have been having some pain in my chest that radiates down to my stomach. I kept thinking I slept funny because it would eventually go away during the day and then return at night time. Well this morning I felt like I was going to vomit. I decided instead of taking Peanut to the zoo like I had planned I would cancel my doctor's appointment tomorrow and go today. I will take her to the zoo tomorrow. I wish I never would of went to the doctor. I feel so defeated right now. Instead of walking out of there with a virus that will run it's course (which is what I was hoping for) he said I have acid reflux disease. WHAT? Just when I get my health back on track with the whole mold and start working out. I get diagnosed with a disease. I just can't win. I think my health is going to be a struggle for me until the day I die and that truly scares me because I hate feeling sick and taking care of 4 kids, a husband and running a household. I'm really not wanting people to feel sorry for me because trust me I already feel sorry enough for myself. But I do need to be covered in prayer because I'm not sure I'm strong enough to change my diet yet again. I'm certainly not willing to take the chance on a new drug or an old one for that matter. The side effects on some of those drugs just aren't worth it. I need prayer coverage. Thanks!


Adina said... sorry to hear that!! I don't know what to'll be in my prayers

Anonymous said...

A LOT of people have acid reflux, I do. I take a prilosec every other day and am symptom free. I had been taking them every day, but cut back a bit. My mom has it too,thinking it must be heritary?? Hers was so bad she had surgery. Mine isn't near that bad.