Friday, September 02, 2011


At the beginning of last week I had promised the kids that before summer was over I would take them to the children's museum. Well our sticky situation put a hold on that plan last week. I was bummed, they were bummed but there was nothing else we could of done. Well I am feeling VERY confident that those little critters are GONE so we went today. It happens to be perfect timing since we have been doing a media fast for the kids this week before school starts. It gave them something to do for 3 hours and I didn't have to hear "what can I do?" "why can't we watch tv?" or "I'm so bored since you won't let us do anything" and so on. Now we are sitting at home waiting for dad to get home so we can head out for the weekend. And guess what? They are actually playing a game together and have finally figured out what to do without any screen time. Isn't it amazing. I can hear the angels singing "Hallelujah" because they aren't fighting or being bored. I am one happy mama. I am so glad that I was able to keep that promise. Especially because this morning I wasn't feeling very good but as the day as gone on I feel much better. I just want to try my best to always keep promises I make but I do sometimes fail but I get back up and we move on.

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Adina said...

You are a good mama! :)