Friday, September 09, 2011


Not sure if I mentioned that I was homeschooling Peanut this year. I have the curriculum from school and the first few weeks we are going to go over things she learned last year in preschool. I also want to work on things like cutting, which is her FAVORITE thing to do. I save the cutting for the end after we have gone over everything else that needs to be learned for the day. I forgot to make shapes while she was doing her sheets so I did them right before I gave her the paper. While she was waiting she was just opening and closing the scissors and accidentally got some hair in the scissors. It was the funniest thing. Probably the first kid to cut their own hair without willingly trying to cut her hair. She didn't even notice until I pointed it out to her, silly kiddo :)
This is where her hair landed
Her holding the evidence...she was really sad as she is trying to grow her hair out like Rapunzel's!


Kristin said...

Maybe a pony tail for the next cutting project!! So glad she's enjoying ma-ma's teaching!

Kat said...

Ack! Those pictures are SO CUTE! That last one is just adorable.

We are big fans of Rapunzel in this house too. :)

Adina said...

i hope you two will enjoy some time together-just the two of you. :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh no!!!!