Thursday, September 08, 2011

First day of School

Since the kids insisted on pizza for dinner tonight I got up early and made them a big ole breakfast for their first day. We had fresh squeezed orange juice, scrambled eggs, bacon and bananas. They fly out of bed this morning to get ready. There was SO much excitement in the air for the first day of school. Look at their faces!

They totally stood backwards on this picture but we were running late so I just snapped it!
My 5th grader
My 4th grader
My 1st grader
My student...
They had a wonderful first day of school. Two came home with no homework and my oldest only had one subject she got done in 20 minutes!!! Ah the routine that school brings ;)


mikeanddebbie said...

So glad they had a great first day!!

Adina said...

so nice of you to make all that food! and GG looks so grown up!

Kat said...

What great pictures! Glad the first day went so well. Hope the rest of the school year goes just as smoothly! :)

Julie M. said...

Great pictures Tonya!

hestermom said...

Oh my!! It seems like they have grown so much!! Wow, you have a fifth grader. She is so beautiful!! And I can't believe how much Peanut is looking like GG. Red isn't looking quite so "red" these days. ;) What beautiful kiddos!!!