Monday, December 13, 2004

The last three days J was off and now he is at work. This weekend was really fun. Saturday J had training and the kids and I went to get his Christmas presents which are all done now! If he asks them what we got him they both reply, "NOTHING!" Very funny. After J's training GG and I went to get other presents for J I didn't want to take both to the other stores. We got home and J left for a progressive dinner at the school, his mom asked him to drive a bus. The kids and I ordered pizza for dinner. Then Sunday was our fun day. We got up and went to church, after church our sunday school class had lunch that the guys made the girls. We played a game and the boys lost so they had to make us dinner. It was really good food. Then we took the kids downtown Chicago to see the big Christmas tree and all the lights and the windows. The windows this year were Snow White, really cool and they both loved it. I think they enjoyed the ride there and back as well as we took the train! When we got back we grabbed a quick bit to eat at Subway and then went back to church for the Choir Concert Comfort and Joy. We came home and the kids went to bed. Today we started our last week of school before Christmas break. I got a present from one of the little girls in my class. Her mom is one of my co-workers so she got my something I was telling her that I asked J for but he won't buy me. It was very sweet and I am super excited about it! I need to go try and call the doctor's office again. I have to switch doctors because where I am going can't deliver babies at the hospital 5 minutes from our house.

Oh more quick story about GlamorGirl. We were in the car and the song Our God Reigns came on the and she was singing her little heart out then she stops and says, "Mom, He reigns means that he is in control." I was amazed that she grasped that concept, some adults can't! God is in control. I bet if you have a 3 1/2 year old and asked them what God reigns means they would tell you something like it is raining outside. She is such an amazing little girl and she has Jesus in her heart!

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