Saturday, March 17, 2007


They are sometimes very unexpected like the one we went to this weekend. Last night was the visitation for J's Aunt Kathy. She was only 59 and the story of how it happened was just too sad. Long story...don't want to bore you with details. Anyways, we got there around 3:30 and left at 8:30 it made for a long night for me and the kids. But I must say they did great, they were so well behaved! We brought crayons, coloring books, cars, and the portable DVD player. There was about 10 kids there and so that helped with the entertainment, too. I remember going to those when I was a kid and was bored out of my mind. Then this morning was the actual funeral and it was a catholic funeral where they have the hour long mass service...

**This post interrupted by my 22 month old needing to go poop poop on the potty! He told us he had to go. I'm so excited! He really wants to use the potty!!! Even if he has already gone most of the time he wants to use it.**

Back to the funeral GlamorGirl and Monkey did great sitting, standing, and kneeling when told but Red needed a little extra help being content to sit. I had brought fruit snacks and he ate them then was ready to move. So I grabbed a tissue and he sat there the rest of the time blowing his nose. So many people told us, at the reception afterwards, how good our kids were for both the funeral and the visitation. Oh and the kids each got a kiddie cocktail at lunch. It was Red's first one and he really liked it. I'm glad that the stress of all of that is over but I feel really bad for my father-in-law who has now lost both parents and two siblings. He only has two siblings left.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

I think that was the first post I've ever read about funerals AND poop... hope all is well!

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