Sunday, March 11, 2007

Two Days in a ROW!

I can't believe it two days in a row we have been able to be outside for an extended period of time. The kids even got to ride their bikes. Yesterday we grilled while the kids rode bikes then after lunch the 3 of them and I walked to the library which is about 5 blocks from our house. It is still wet out so I put their boots on, coats, hats and gloves and off we went. The kids had a blast running and jumping into the puddles on the way to the library, which is why they had boots on, I wasn't about to fight that battle of keeping them out of the puddles. The walk helped them be tired enough to go to bed early and so the time change didn't really affect them, yay. I am just so happy it is warming it just needs to dry up. Today we took a walk/bike ride around the block. I can tell the fresh air is helping me to feel better, or maybe that is just a mental thing?!?!


sarahgrace said...

I hear ya! Yay for warm weather! We were able to hang in our backyard today and soak up the sun nice!

Tonya said...

We have had GREAT weather here. Sandals, flip flops and tank tops on the kids (not tank tops on me - LOL). They have enjoyed the outdoors and fresh air too. I have enjoyed having them out of the house - ha ha!