Thursday, March 01, 2007

Girls Night In!

I had a girls night in last night at the house. We rented a chick flick and had some girl time! We watched Love Comes Softly it is a Hallmark made for tv movie so it was pretty tame and cute. While the movie was playing I was hearing noise, that I thought was GlamorGirl kicking her wall, like she does every time she doesn't want to fall asleep. So I walked back to her room and she was out. When the movie ended we heard what we can only guess as an animal in the attic. I called J who couldn't come home, oh I hate that. Two of the girls left and one stayed with me until J got home. It was really creepy hearing this "thing" bang around above us with occasional scratching sounds. When J got home he went up there against my wishes...I didn't want whatever it was getting into the house. So in my paranoia I closed the kids bedroom doors, I figured if it does get in the house it won't be able to get to my sleeping babies. He went up there and didn't find anything to which he thought that we were both making the noises up. Then he found the scratches it had made in it's escape to the outside world. One thing good that came out of it was that we are now aware of small wholes that creatures can get in.

As for today it has been crazy around here. This morning J took the kids to school. He has been changing Red's diaper before he leaves because he workouts out after dropping them off. Red comes in my room saying, "hurt, hurt" and pointing to his diaper. I told him to go get a diaper and wipes for me. He couldn't find the wipes because they were in the bathroom so I got up to get them. Then I realized it was more then just a diaper change that needed done. His diaper had fallen off and was stuck in the bottom of his footie pj's. I could, at this point, only hope it was a wet diaper. You guessed it, no such luck. He had poop all over himself and the pj's. He needed a bath. I was struggling to not throw up while cleaning him up. I thought for sure the rest of the day would be bad. But it really hasn't been bad I just feel alittle more nauseous. In other news GG did have a dentist come to her class today so she needed to bring her toothbrush and toothpaste to school. They gave each kid a red pill to show the plaque on their teeth. This morning she wanted to go to school without brushing her teeth first. Good thing J stepped in!

The last thing I want to say is that I really hate when my babies get hurt. At around 5am the baby man aka Red came into our room wanting to snuggle. He tried climbing into the bed but slipped and hit his head on the mental bed frame. So now he has a swollen eye that is turning black and blue.


Tonya said...

We had a similar experience with a "critter" here not too long ago and hubby was out of town....great timing.

Sorry to hear about Tanner's boo boo. Hope you don't have pictures being made any time soon - that would be my luck!!!

Hope you are feeling better too.

Currently we are in our basement dodging tornadoes - what fun!

Terri said...

We love that move Love Comes Softly... there are two other's I think that go w/ that... directed or produced by Michael Landon's son... Love those movies!

I wanted to thank you for coming by Matthew's blog...
that was very sweet... I love it when people come by to see my little angel!! :-)

I love the sweet and kind people I've met in this blogging world...

I am going to run off and read your blog!

I'll be back.

sarahgrace said...

Girls night out...sounds like lots of fun! Minus the unwanted animal of course...
Hope your nausea wears off soon!