Monday, March 26, 2007

My how the time FLIES!

I haven't updated for a couple reasons:
#1 It has been beautiful outside and so we haven't been home much!
#2 I am feeling so much better so I am playing catch up with housework and enjoying the weather outside :)

But trust me it isn't because lack of material to write about...just off the top of my head I could have written a whole entry about the night we met my dad for dinner and it started storming on the way. The van started shacking, I thought it was just the rain making it do that then I look down and see the battery light on. Have you ever had the battery light on your vehicle turn on? I thought that was so strange. Needless to say I am in the van with 3 kids all by myself and it is pouring rain outside. I called my dad before he left work and I picked him up and he came with us in the van. I felt safer with him there. Don't ask why! The van is now fixed, hopefully.

I could have talked about the many walks and parks we have visited over the last few days! All the silly things that happened at those GlamorGirl having this 2 year old follow her around like she is the "Queen of the Park" or me turning around to see Monkey peeing in the tree, with his pants down by his knees and his little tush hanging out for EVERYONE to see, just to name a few!

Or I could have written about Red's puke-capades yesterday. Yea, he got grandpa good at church and the floor. He got his car seat good too. He seems to be fine today?!?! I don't know what the deal was. All I know is I slept like garbage, we pulled the toddler bed mattress out from under our bed for Red to sleep on. I didn't want him in Monkey's room just in case he puked, who wants to wake up a sleepy 4 yr old to tell them we have to change the sheets on your bed?! So every little move or cough from Red and I was awake watched J check him then go back to sleep and then repeat.

Oh wait, look I did write about all of that fun stuff! Just think there was more but I will leave you with this for now and hopefully I will get back into writing.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are getting to enjoy the warm spring weather.

Just the other day I was watching two other kids in addition to my two boys, and my son, Drew wanted to go pee in the yard and I made him go inside, just in time to turn around and see the other little boy going on the tree in our yard.... BOYS!

Hope Tanner feels better and you are able to get some sleep!

Tee/Tracy said...

Hope Tanner is feeling better.

This nice weather is a valid excuse for not bloging as much!

LOL about the park :)

Amydeanne said...

are you sure you don't have my kids? Too funny!