Friday, April 25, 2008

Why do we do this?

When our kids get to a certain age (about 3 years old) they start asking questions about driving. Like, "why are you stopping?" J and I trying to be good parents explain to them that we are stopping because either the light is red, there is a car in front of us, or we are at a stop sign which ever the case is at the time. Well this has led to many back seat drivers. Red for the past three weeks has been the worst at this. He yells and screams if we go when he thinks the light is red or we stop and the light is green. I have tried to be patient with him on this as he is only 2 but I'm about to crack. My standard answer of late is, "I know how to drive and you don't so trust that I am driving right." Then comes all the buts...the light is red or green and so on. I am hoping this will make him a good driver when he is old enough but for now it is just nerve racking as I am driving.

But on a cute note: my phone rang the other day and I was nursing the baby and it was for J. I had Red take the phone to daddy and as I hand him the phone he looks at it then puts it up to his ear and says, "Who is in there?" It was pretty funny!


Kathryn said...

My boys are little backseat drivers too. Except they are always yelling at other drivers. I wonder where they get that from! oops.

Kari said...

Hi Tonya! I got tagged for 7 random things about myself and now I'm tagging you as 1 of 7 people. Have a great day!

corrie said...

haha! my sister in law has two girls who are constantly noting that she is driving too fast - even when she is not... there is the "slow down, mommy, please slow down!!" when she is going 45 in a 65!

Martie said...

My grown and teenaged kiddos think I drive like an old Grandma-- because I drive the speed limit. You cannot win!!

Red is so funny! And cute too. :O)


sarahgrace said...

Oh man! I am right there with you- Drew has been doing this to me lately too, and it drives me nuts! I say the same thing, "I know how to drive, and you don't and you just need to trust me!"