Thursday, July 09, 2009

Yesterday July 8th 2009

Is a day I went to keep in my memory bank! I packed a lunch, checked the weather and got the babysitters lined up in advance. J, GG, Monkey and I woke up got dressed and were out the door a little after 9am and heading to Six Flags Great America!!! The kids each had free passes for the reading program at school and we bought a buy one get one free tickets online for J and I. We got to the park a little after it opened but since we already had tickets we didn't have to wait in line, score. It was a good day weather wise except for the constant drizzle that lasted almost all day shutting down one of our favorite rides, the Whizzer. I will say I went on two roller coaster for the first time yesterday, The Viper and The Dark Night. I loved the Viper and the other one was ok not worth the hour wait though. Monkey was tall enough to go on the American Eagle and he loved it. The only not fun time we had was waiting in line for the Demon and getting to the front and both kids freaking out and crying. GG had been on this before but Monkey hadn't and he was scared to go upside down. We only had to wait 10 minutes too and then we didn't even go on it. Well later in the day we decided to try it again but this time the line was super long about a 45 minute wait. We told the kids since we waited this long they had to go on it. They did and when it was over Monkey said it was his favorite ride of the day. The little stinker! Another memory was the bumper cars, J and GG were together and Monkey and I were together. We ran into them a ton of times but J and GG rocked us with the one hit they got us with. Monkey actually got hurt from it but he toughed it out and we continued to attack them. Later in the day we went to one of the shows called Show Stoppin and when it was over the rain had stopped and the Whizzer was running without people. So we ran to get in line for it. We waited about 15 minutes before they actually opened up the line and we waited about 10 more to actually get on the ride because we choose to go in the front which is always a longer wait! Monkey and GG rode together and J and I got to ride together! The Whizzer was the ONLY roller coaster that the kids would go on without having one of us with them. We had planned on leaving right after that show because it was 7pm but we just couldn't resist doing one more roller coaster and such a fun one at that. We had a great day filled with great memories! I think it was the first time I was actually cold at Six Flags! We stopped at McDonalds for dinner, not my choice. And then headed home.


Kat said...

Six Flags will always be one of my best memories from my childhood. I loved that place. It was better than Disney to me (course I was 18 before I got to Disney). Just the best times.
I can't wait til the kids are a bit older so we can take them. :)

Glad you had such a wonderful day!

Nap Warden said...

What a fun day! How crazy has this weather been? I can't believe how cold it is:P

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Glad you guys got to go! The Dark Knight IS awful. I wish I had told you that. It is NOT worth ANY wait.

Sounds like some good memories.

Kristin said...

Yay for Great America!!! Glad you had a fun day!