Wednesday, July 01, 2009

First Day of July!

I love July for many reasons. The first two being that J and Monkey's birthdays are this month. Others would be the fest, the fourth of July fireworks, and parade. It is also the month J and I started dating in 1996! Plus it is warm outside. I love being warm and not cold. :) Only a few more months and we will be on vacay!

Well last night I took Monkey into the doctor's office because he had a fever and complaining of his eyes hurting. When I looked at them they were blood shot and pink. GREAT. I know that pink eye is highly contagious so I wanted to take him and hopefully get him some meds to kill it. BUT. It is viral not bacterial so that means they can't give him anything. Ugh. I am hoping and praying that the other 3 don't get this virus because seriously the fest starts today and, and it is only 3 days away from the 4th! I want to take them to the parade and the fireworks. I felt so bad for my boy last night he so didn't want to be at the doctor's office he just wanted to be home and in bed.

Before all that happened we let June go out with a bang. Though we didn't do what was planned for the day a trip to Great America, couldn't get a sitter for the two little ones. Oh well. We went to the store to look for summer dresses for the girls and I for our trip in September. Then to the pet store. Which in turn set the kids on the I want a dog tangent. GG was trying to bargain with us saying that if she took care of the fish for a month and it didn't die could we get a dog. It was pretty funny. Today J showed her how to care for the fish, cleaning the tank and all. We'll see how long that lasts. I think if I have to remind her more than 5 times this month to feed the fish she didn't adequately take care of it. We haven't set the ground rules yet. Then we went to Chuck E Cheese for some play. We cashed in our all tickets totaling 3772. We have saved them for about a year. The kids got some pretty cool things. GG got this invisible ink pen. The boys got a rocket. We were going to do the fire pit but the doctor visit thwarted those plans. I'm excited to see what July has in store for us!


Anonymous said...

don't get a dog.

mikeanddebbie said...

Happy July to all of you!!

sarahgrace said...

Aww, poor Monkey! Hope he feels better soon!
I think July is one of my favorite months too, but it always goes by super quick!
My kids would love to have a dog too, but I'm sure I would end up taking care of it, so it will probably be awhile, if ever, before we get one. :-)

Nap Warden said...

Have a great 4th!

Kristin said...

July IS a great it too! Have a good one!