Friday, January 29, 2010

The Baby!

I have been doing this mothering thing for the last 9 years but have had many years experience with kids previous to actually being a parent but you know what? Peanut is really giving me a run for my money or I just don't remember the other kids being this stubborn or strong willed. Here is one example of her stubbornness. She doesn't like peppers and a lot of our meals have peppers in them because they are good for you. Well she sat at the table with a pepper in her mouth for over an hour and a half. She would not chew it or swallow it. I tried enticing her with a treat after she ate all her food and it didn't work. I have given her the same meal for the next meal and she still didn't eat it. None of my other kids have done this sort of thing. Her "I do it myself" phase seems to have started way before the other kids did and the tantrums that follow if I can't let her do it herself because we have to go somewhere. I need the strength to parent this child. I love her so much but she has me in tears some days. I know that one day her personality will get her far in life but right now as her parents it is very frustrating. And here I thought this parenting thing would get easier, yeah right! I love you baby girl :)


Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Sounds very much like my twins. Ugh. They won't eat anything. And you should have seen the tantrums my little Angel threw today. Lovely.

Adina said...

...but she is charming!!!

sarahgrace said...

Omigoodness! First off- it's been waaaay too long since I've been here! Sorry! Things have been super crazy in my life lately.
Second- I TOTALLY understand where you're coming from! I've been reading all of your posts about your frustrations with parenting her, the nap struggles, and getting her to obey, and I have to say that she and Selah would make a great team! Ha ha! I cannot tell you the amount of shinanigans we've had lately. It's gotten worse with addition of Rory.
Well, here's an internet hug from one frustrated mommy to another. I'll let you know if I figure out anything that works! Until then, hang in there!