Sunday, January 10, 2010

Menu Monday

I thought I would try something new and have a way to look through my posts to see all the different meals we have tried over these months. I know that I should have started a few months back but this will have to do!

Monday: Texas Chili and organic crackers and fruit smoothies
Tuesday: Spinach Patties with mashed red potatoes and blueberries
Wednesday: We eat at church. (I bring something for me because I usually can't eat what is on the menu)
Thursday: Spicy Chicken with brown rice and green apples with yogurt sauce.
Friday: Turkey Meatloaf with lettuce salad, fruit salad and a dessert. (our small group is coming this night so I only make the meatloaf)
Saturday: Vegetable Medley Beef Stew and fruit smoothies.
Sunday: Country Breakfast (eggs) and Breakfast fruit salad. (This is GG's birthday so we will have gone out for lunch which is why the dinner is a light one!)

**oops I forgot lunches**
Lunches: Deli meat (turkey, ham, roast beef, and chicken) sunflower seeds, pecans, almonds, walnuts, hard boiled eggs, spinach salad, string cheese, granola, green apples, and carrots.

I also want to mention that I typically make fruit smoothies with dinner so that I can put the kids vitamins in them. The bottle of power I have is almost gone and then we probably won't have them for a while :) It was a trail vitamin!


Kristin said...

YUM! Good game plan!:)

sarahgrace said...

Looks like you've got some really good and healthy things on there! That's great! I'm still in the process of working on mine today...

mold recovery said...

I'd like to know more about the meatloaf! I think my family would love it.
Your fellow warrior friend,

Adina said...

look at you and the culinary adventures!!nice job!

Tonya said...

The only meal that wasn't a real "keeper" was the Vegetable Beef Stew Medley. It wasn't bad just not one we want very often.