Monday, May 02, 2011


Saturday morning bright and EARLY we got up and went to GG's second game. This team hasn't even had a practice yet! Oy. They got schooled big time. They were allowed to have an extra girl on the field. I think this loss was great for GG to go through. Up until now she has not wanted to listen to anyone's advice on how to play soccer. She is now more receptive to listening to the coaches and her father when they tell her how to do things. It was good for her to be taken down a notch! Though I will say it was sad to see them get killed out on the field it will make them all better in the end. At least that is the hope!

Monkey had his second game on Sunday. I think his confidence is building which is good. I know...I have one kid overly confident and the other not so much. Neither of them have played the sport they are doing but their personalities are just so different. Let's see the highlights of his game. He batted 3 times. First was a hit and got to first base. Then he stole second and then stole third. He didn't make it home because they got to 3 outs first. Second up at bat he stuck out but he tried to hit the ball. Third up to bat he hit the ball again and got on first. He didn't make it home that time either but he did his part :) He didn't make any great plays in the field like last game but he didn't royally mess up either which is good. He schedule the past few days have gone like this. Wed: Practice Fri: Game Sat: Practice Sun: Game Mon: Practice Thurs: Game We've been busy!!!

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