Sunday, January 08, 2012

Jr High

Today after church we had a pretty long meeting praying for our Jr High ministry and also planning this semester! I have to say I am very excited about the fun nights we have planned. I am on the food team and we have some different snacks planned then we have done in the past two years so that is fun. The night outs we have planned along with theme nights it just gets me so excited to be apart of this ministry. These kids are so fun and funny. This coming weekend Jeff and I are going to be going on the winter retreat with the kids. Jeff leads worship on Wednesday night for the youth groups (jr. high and high school) so he is going to be leading worship at the retreat along with two other leaders. He went last year and I stayed home with the kids. This year I decided that I really wanted to go and I am so excited that it is actually going to happen! Those I am a little nervous about these girls staying up super late because I am the oldest girl leader going on the retreat. Those I don't normally nap so I hope that helps me on Saturday night. Friday I am taking a nap!!! If you think about us this coming weekend please pray for these students. Just remember what it was like to be in Jr High and how a trying time it is for most kids. They are trying to figure out the world in a different way than they have ever done before. It is scary and exciting for them and a lot of times just plain rough. Not all the kids are from stable families so they need all the attention and care we can give them. Please pray with me. I know God can do amazing things this weekend and I can't wait to see what He has in store for these students. 

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Adina said...

They are blessed to have you as leaders!