Monday, January 09, 2012

My oldest

She has been bugging me to teach her how to knit. She has been watching me and thinks it should be a pretty easy thing to learn. Guess I must make it look that way?! So I've been knitting a total of 7 days as of today. Enter our first lesson. It went something like this..."ugh"  "I can't get it" "mom I need your help" all coming out of her mouth, but when I would try and help her she would freak out on me. "No don't do that I want to do it all by myself" Ok kid I just learned how to do this myself and sometimes I need to try it to see if I am telling you the right thing. The bad part is I don't really know how to fix mistakes so when she makes them, fortunately only on the second row she has to start all over. She is getting pretty frustrated with it at this point. But I will say it was pretty funny as I was teaching her in our living room which no one ever goes in because it doesn't have the television, all the kids were in there. GlamorGirl and I were sitting on the couch next to each other knitting (me) and trying to knit (GG) and the other three kids were bouncing around the room. It reminded me of a mom's comment the other day about how her kids always want her to do things and it makes her feel loved. So as I was sitting in the room that never gets used with all 4 of my kids in it with me I felt loved. They wanted to be where I was even if there wasn't a tv or toys or anything else for them to do. If only I can remember this when they ALWAYS have to be by me I might not get so irritated with them! Today I thought I would try and learn how to crochet and see if that might be easier for her to do. I could not figure it out for the life of me. I know how to do the first row of knots as I learned that as a child but the second row and beyond totally confused by it. I guess I won't be teaching her that instead...pray for patience for me and her as we work through learning this new hobby together. I really do want her to learn and sit next to me and chat and create together. Oh the dreams I have of girl bonding time! Oh yeah did I mention she is going to be 11 yrs old in 8 days?!?! She is turning into a young lady right before my eyes.


Adina said...

you go, girls!

Kat said...

Crocheting is supposed to be much easier, which is why that is the class I took. ;) Do they have any classes at a craft store by you? I took a class at Michael's and it REALLY helped.
Good luck! :)

sarahgrace said...

I can imagine teaching (anyone) to knit would be frustrating. Kudos to you for attempting it with your daughter!