Friday, October 08, 2004

Now that it is the end of the week I will just do some highlights of the week! J and I got dressed up nicely and went to the police department for the New Chief to be sworn in to office. Now J has a new boss. But he hasn't made any changes. From what everyone said about this guy he will make good changes like getting a bike unit, horses for parades and things like that. Specialty things! I guess time will tell how this guy is.

Wednesday we had a friend over for dinner. So that was a lot of fun. Speaking of friends I talked to an old friend from WIU and she was telling me about the school she sends her daughter. It made me think about the school the kids go to. Since I work there I see everything they are learning and how they are taught and so on. But it made me think about it and see that this school is the right school for my kids and for J and I. They have learned so much in 4 weeks it is amazing. And they are smart kids to begin with. The one thing I love the most is that the children get one on one time with the teacher and then with the assistant each day. So they are learning and experiencing things at their own pace and are learning to listen to a teacher. I just love that school too because there are Bible stories and memory verses each week. It also helps that there success rate in college is outstanding, great self discipline among other wonderful attributes.

Thursday it was absolutely beautiful outside! I took the kids to the doctor because GG has had a cough for almost a week. Yeah it was a virus nothing they can really do for her. But the doctor prescribe something to help her sleep at night...the coughing was keeping her up. Monkey also got a well baby check up and they both got tested for lead. I will find out those results next week. So after that they got ice cream at Mc Donalds for being good at the doctors...and I felt bad about them getting poked for the lead test. We did them both at the same time. They sat on my lap and the nurse did one and the doctor did the other. While I held their hands. They both screamed and I felt super bad. But they only cried for about 30 seconds. That is because they knew mama was right there to hug and comfort them. I hate seeing them hurt. Then we spent the afternoon outside with the neighbors. GG had Cubbies and got her first patch for her vest. She is doing so well keeping the verse for Cubbies and the verse for school straight. Smart little girl, sometimes too smart if you know what I mean!

Then today GG and I went to school and Monkey stayed home with J. They went to the Library and Police department. GG got to eat dirt for snack, smashed oreo cookies, chocolate pudding and a gummie worm. It was D week! Well that is about it.

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