Sunday, October 03, 2004

Yesterday was a very productive day. I went through all the winter clothes from last year to see if any fit. Then reorganized both of the kids dressers. J and I went through the toy room and got rid of some toys we are going to donate. Then we moved the room around. It looks so much bigger in there now. The kids have enjoyed the new look too because they have more room to play! The thing that helped the most was finally hanging up the green organizer(ok that word looks wrong but I'm not in the mood to do spell check) that Monkey got for his birthday. When that was finished I cleaned the house. It looked good for a day!

This morning the kids and I went to Sunday School and then church for me, children's church for GG and nursery for Monkey. Then to grandma and grandpa's house for lunch and hanging out. Tonight J and I were suppose to go see that new movie Ladder 49 but Liz wasn't feeling good (she was going to watch the kids) and J got the chance at some overtime. We are going to go another day. The kids and I got home around 5:15 and I called J and he came home from work to eat dinner with us then he had to go back. At least he got to see us for that 30 minutes! If we were still living with my dad he couldn't have done that. Oh and GG is getting sick. So far all she has is a cough that won't go away. No fever or anything else but that horrible cough that keeps her up at night, at least I think it does. She has taken a nap the last two days and she doesn't take naps. Ok I need to go do some other things...

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