Sunday, October 17, 2004

So today is Sunday...I last updated on Thursday. Hmmm where did the time go? I have to keep this quick because J is cleaning the house and wants my help. So Friday we went to see Liz play her last volleyball game against another team. Tuesday they play their parents, J is playing in the place of their dad. We are going to go watch the game and cheer J on.

Saturday J worked so the kids and I went to the library in the morning. It was fun they had a drop in craft project. It was a spider. So they each made one to bring home. They took turns on the computer and played with the other games. On the walls of the library there is a outdoors scene, there is a tree with a raccoon in it. Monkey wanted to touch the raccoon and I told him it would bite him. He looked at me and said, "Mommy it is a pretend raccoon." Can't get anything by him these days! Then we picked out books and movies. On the way out I realized that they had a leap pad for the kids to use. Next time we go one can be on the computer and the other can do the leap pad. We got home had lunch with J (he came home to eat) and then both kids took naps. But not at the same time! While Monkey slept GG and I worked on her homework. While GG slept Monkey and I played in the toy room together. So that was fun. When J got home we went to the grocery store to pick out some food. Oh and Monkey decided that our cordless phone belonged in the kitchen sink. It fell right into a dish filled with water. We need to go buy a new one now. Ooops! Here is another Monkey story...while we were playing he was pretending to be a doctor and took the tool that you use to look in ears and noses put it up to my ear and said, "No monkey's in there mommy!" It was very funny. Then I remembered that is what the doctor said at their last appointment when she looked in their ears. What a smartie. The other thing that was interesting today was that the door bell rang and when I answered it there was a lady outside asking me if the house was still for sale. Umm...we have lived here for 3 months now. It was off the market about 4 months ago once we made the contract.

Today is Joe and Sue's anniversary! So Happy Anniversary to you two! We went to church this morning and now we are in the process of cleaning the house. Tonight my dad and step-mom are taking the kids out for dinner, at McDonalds with a playland. J and I are going to hopefully go to the department and shoot. We'll see...not really my idea of fun.

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