Friday, October 01, 2004

Today was great. This morning J came to school in his uniform and talked to the kids about police officers. They each got a coloring book and a badge. They kids were pretty wired from that! When we got home we did the usual lunch and naps. Then we took library books back and went to the courthouse to register to vote. The kids thought that walking through the metal detector was pretty neat. Our courthouse is really nice…first time I have been there. Registering to vote was so easy so if you haven’t registered yet I suggest you do it. You only have until Oct 5th, I believe. The last election I was registered but couldn’t vote because they couldn’t find my name on the registration. Turns out I was in the wrong building. Oh well. Anyway, then later we went to watch Liz play volleyball. They played a team of 4th through 6th graders. They killed them. Our team is 7th and 8th. It was funny too because the coach made the girls play position that they aren’t used to and hit over hand instead of under. Another funny thing that happened at the game was Monkey. He stood up on the bleachers and started yelling. “GO CLA GO CLA…” It was more funny because he had his hands cupped around his eyes instead of his mouth while he was cheering. At one point he put them in a diamond shape on his forehead! What a little nut. After the game there was a high school reunion for the public school that used to be in the building, before our private school bought the building. That is about all the exciting things that happened today. Oh yeah GG got to play with her friend Krystal who is 5. That made her day.

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