Saturday, October 09, 2004

We had such a fun day today. Got up early and picked out some pumpkins...they are huge! Then we went to the Home Show at the Race tracks. We watched different demonstrations on cookware, cleaning supplies and many more. There were tons of booths set up. The kids had fun too. They got balloons GlamorGirl got a flower (purple) and Monkey got a motorcycle. They got to make slime, play in a ball pit and jump in the moonwalk. And they got tattoos! J and I bought really good smelling candles. We got roasted coffee, baked apple pie, fudge brownie and juniper breeze! We needed candles and we still do but these buys are helping restock our supply. This afternoon the kids and I took naps. It felt so good to sleep. After the nap we played outside. The kids rode bikes and played with the neighbors parachute guys. Now the kids just got bathed and are getting ready for bedtime.

Yesterday J and I played the board game Battle of the Sexes. It is really hard. I knew none of the answers, at least it seemed like it. The questions J got were name the six cast members of the hit series Friends. I mean come on. Then he also got a question what is the national group of breast feeding called? Seriously if he got that wrong I would of beat him ;) I go to the meeting once a month for heavens sake. I think it will be more fun with more players. We are planning on having a couple over from our sunday school class so they can play with us.

Just in case I don't have time to update tomorrow here is the plan for the day. Church in the morning, lunch with J's parent's sunday school class, Liz is coming home with us and J and I are going to go see the movie Ladder 49, finally. I need to figure out a good time to go Christmas shopping with J and leave the kids home.

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