Thursday, February 22, 2007

100th day of School!

That was yesterday but since I wasn't feeling very good I didn't update. It was cool because GlamorGirl's class did a ton of things with 100 items. She came home with 100 pieces of snack food which was a mix of marshmallows, m&m's, and pretzels. Also she didn't have homework because if they got a 100% on their classwork they didn't have to do homework just for that day. Each kid also brought 100 of the same thing to school and she picked q-tips!

Monkey also had a good day at school, he came home with a pink card in his folder! We told him that if he doesn't get a blue card at all the whole year like GG did then we would do something special at the end of the year. It looks like he is probably going to accomplish that.

I have to just mention this because I really don't want to forget it! Last night before Red fell asleep he decided that I needed tons of kisses. He looks at me and says, "mama kiss" so I kissed him. He said, "no Red kiss." So I let him kiss me on the cheek. He turns my head and kissed the other cheek then turned it back and kissed the first side and back and forth my head went while he kissed both sides with an occasional kiss on the nose because he missed my cheek. My face was *wet* because by the end of it he wasn't kissing nicely he was licking and blowing on my cheeks! I was laughing so hard. When he finely stopped he started sniffing at me. We had so much fun I was afraid we were going to wake the other two up from all the laughing!

In other news, we got new kitchen table chairs. Our table came with 4 and we have been using the computer chair for the 5th one. Since we are having another baby, making us a family of 6 we thought it was probably time we got 6 matching chairs. I really like the way it looks with all the chairs around the table. Like a full house! I am a fourth of the way done baking this baby :) I just really want to stop throwing up.

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Tonya said...

Nothing like our kids kissing us to make it all better! Sure hope the sickness subsides soon....don't remind me as we contemplate another little blessing.