Monday, February 05, 2007

What's been happening...

Well I think it is finally time to update this blog! Saturday and Sunday I was knocked off my feet with a really bad flu that didn't allow me to eat anything and if I did it came up almost as soon as it went in. Not cool. I totally hate throwing up. I have such great support from my family and friends it is so comforting. They totally took care of me and the kids! Actually right now Aunty Becky has the kids at gymnastics because I didn't know if I would be up to being out that long. I am still pretty weak from the violent throwing up that occurred.

On to a happy note...remember I said that kids didn't have school on Friday?! Well J took the day off and we took the kids to the Children's Museum. It was a great time. When we got there the first floor was closed due to the fact that they were getting a new exhibit called The Blue Man Group making waves. The media was there and the Blue Man Group actually preformed. We got to see it and it was really cool. I guess we came on a good day except for the fact that we didn't get to go into the new exhibit, it opened on Saturday for the public. At one point in the show one of the Blue men came walking up the stairs where we were sitting and GlamorGirl squeezed my arm and Monkey moved really close to me. It was funny. After that was over we walked around to the different rooms and after lunch we went into a room that had a photographer for a newspaper. We were the only people in the room and so he was taking our pictures and J signed a release form to use any pictures they wanted in their brochure. So we might be in the Children's Museum's new brochure...they will contact us if the use any of the pictures. It was a really fun day. Well I am starting to get tired so I am going to go lay down, got to take advantage of the fact the baby is sleeping and the other two are out of the house. Quietness = priceless


Anonymous said...

Hope you're back to full speed soon!

Take Care!

Singlemomma said...

Wow...that sucks. Not easy being sick when you're the mom! Hope your feeling better soon.