Tuesday, February 20, 2007

As Promised!

Here are some of the pictures taken at the party! We had 16 kids there including my 3 and it was the most stress-less party I have ever thrown. The most expensive but it was well worth it. This is the fantastic Belle cake GG got and she absolutely loved it. I only wish I could take credit for it :)

GG playing air hockey...

***Warning Extreme Bragging to Follow***
GlamorGirl got two birthday cards from her friends and at first I thought it was really funny what the one boy wrote then I realized. These kids are really smart look as I looked at the sentences they were writing. GG writes like this, too, all the time!

I tried to scan the cards onto my computer to show you the penmanship and writing skills but it didn't pick up the words and just left a blank box on my screen. So I will type them out for you with all the capitalization they use and punctuations!

The first card from the boy said: Dear ___, Happy birthday and may the good Lord bless you. I heard you love me. May your wish come true. And before happy Valentines day.

The second one from her girlfriend: Happy BirthDay. you are a good friend

I really wish I could of shown you their handwriting!
I totally credit it to the fact she goes to a private school with small size classes. The teachers are so involved with the kids and so caring...they are actually allowed to hug the kids! Plus, they make sure the parents get involved with their schooling. GG came home today telling me all about the different Presidents we have had and some of the facts about them, I didn't even know and I had to look them up but they were accurate! She is only in Kindergarten and reading and writing better the the 2nd grader across the street. Here is a video of her reading homework for today...you tell me does she sound like a Kindergartner?
This is the words she read they won't let me show a video with the words in it. You can follow along!


Anonymous said...

she reads really well.

corrie said...

i love this post, a little bit of this, a little bit of that!

brae does read very well! i remember starting public HS after having been in private school and thinking, am i really smart, or are these poor kids just behind!? private schools with smaller class sizes really do assist in the learning process. i hope by the time finn gets into school we'll be able to send him to a private one.

and i love the cake! i bet you could make it. after a few tries.....

love ya