Monday, February 19, 2007

My Mama!

Over at Adventures in Babywearing she posts about her mom and has challenged us all to write about our moms and have pictures! This is a picture of the 4 generations of girls in my family. We have taken one every Christmas except this last one because we didn't get together.

I love my mom so much. She has taught me how to be the mom that I am to my kids. Since I have become an adult and mom myself we have moved from the mother-daughter relationship to more of the friendship...even though I still ask her for advice on occasion! When we get together it is usually just to talk and laugh. The funny thing about my mom and I are that we are polar opposites. I am wild and crazy and she is very mild and well-mannered. We balance each other out...she calms me down a bit and I get her to come out of her shell. I could go on and on about my mom but who couldn't? Mom's are the best!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, that's a great picture! I am the same way with my mom now- more friends than mom & daughter now that I have my own children. Wow, how much I understand now that I didn't "get" when I was younger. It has made me apologize and appreciate my mom SO MUCH!

Thanks again for playing!


Tonya said...

Aww - I wish my grandmother were still here for the 4 generation picture. She passed before my oldest turned 1. But, I have had my Mom by my side in good times and bad....I don't know what I would have done without her at times!!!

What a blessing we have in our Mom's and their Mom's!