Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our Friday.

I know that today isn't Friday but to us it is because the kids don't have school tomorrow. It is mid-semester break. Anyways, GG comes home from school and starts telling us what happened in Bible class. Oh by the way she did apologize to her friend and all is right in the world! I guess they go around the room and each take turns saying the Bible verse of the week. This is the conversation we have at lunch.

GG: I always say my verse first because, you know, my last name starts with the letter A. And we go in alphabetical order.

Dad: Really because my last name starts with A, too.
Giggles from the GlamorGirl
Me: That's funny because my name does too!
GG: Well I said my verse but I didn't have the right page in my folder so I didn't say the right reference number.
Dad: What was your verse?
GG: Praise ye the Lord. I will praise the Lord with my whole heart.
Monkey: Hey that was my verse too. Psalms 111:1
GG: That's the part I didn't get right.

We had other conversations about there day like Monkey's teacher's birthday was today and J asked him to guess her age. She is a grandma of 3 but he thought she looked 25 :) Of course, I called her on her lunch break to tell her and she loved it. She really doesn't look old at all...very hip dresser and her face is young looking too.

The last funny thing of the day was right after the kids got home from Awana Clubs, they were getting ready for bed which Red wanted to do the same. (Monkey See Monkey Do type thing) So I undressed him and went to get a new diaper but before I got back he had pulled his diaper half way down and EVERYTHING was hanging out. The older two laughed uncontrollably so he thought he was super funny. I'm thinking "great all this kid needs is to think that getting naked is funny." Well I'm off to bed.

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