Monday, February 26, 2007


As I sit here wanting to type out this post I feel so sick to my stomach. I really, really hate feeling like this. Today I had a doctor's appointment and she told me she could get me medicine to make the nausea go away, but that it is pretty pricey. Well I think that I am almost done being sick so I said no...what was I thinking?!?! Well I was pleasantly surprised though at the fact that I got an ultrasound done today. I guess they messed up my paperwork and didn't have a due date chart for me and so that meant I got to have my 3rd ultrasound done. I loved watching our little one swim all around. Then I got to hear that strong heart beat going, it was 176bpm. Then as we were leaving my friend from my Bible study walked in...we looked at each other like "what are you doing here?" Then it was vocalized. She said, "Why are you here?" I told her then I asked her the same thing and she had the same answer. It was her first appointment so she didn't know her exact due date but we guessed it was around the same time. Then I talked to my old friend and found out she is pregnant, too, with her second. She didn't find out until she was almost 7 weeks along, and the only reason why is because she was very sickly and went into the doctor, surprise You're Pregnant! She is about 2 weeks behind me. I was very excited, it's always fun to know people when you are pregnant, to share the experience with, you know.


sarahgrace said...

Wow! How many ultrasounds to you get to have? Generally, we just do one or two here, depending on how things are going. Hoping your nausea goes away soon, I hate that feeling that way myself! Hang in there, it's worth it!

Tonya said...

I normally only get two as well but because of my early bleeding they wanted to make sure everything was ok resulting in 2 extra ultrasounds!

Jill said...

I stopped by from the Blog Party but thought I would comment a fellow mom who had nausea nearly the whole time I was pregnant. I had the Rx for the neausea but it made me really tired so I rarely took it. GOOD LUCK and I hope it goes away soon.