Monday, April 23, 2007

"Big One"

This is Red's newest phrase! We were in the car today and J had bubble gum in his mouth. He started blowing bubbles with it and Red in the back seat says, "I see Big One bubble." Yesterday on the way home from church we passed the airport, of course, you always see planes flying over head. When they are landing they are sometimes really big! Red's in his seat screaming "Oh Daddy, I see Big One. Big One plane." Then there is the sleepy Red who yawns real big and right before he falls asleep says, "Big One." Or when he passes gas and calls it a "Big One!" He is just such a funny little person with all his "Big Ones" :) I love to hear him talk even if it is ALL THE TIME! It doesn't even seem possible that he will be 2 years old next month.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny the phrases kids come up with? The Beast still isn't talking, but when you ask her something she puts her hands up and makes a noise that sounds like "I don't know."(sounds like "I no no.") it cracks us up!!

sarahgrace said...

It goes by so quick, doesn't it? Beau's thing is saying "Hey..." in front of everything. "Hey, a backetball!" (s left out on purpose) "Hey, my bottle!" They're so cute at 2!