Monday, April 16, 2007

Back to the Daily Grind

Well Spring Break is over and the kids went back to school today. They only have about 7 more weeks of school before summer recess so that is very exciting.

This morning I went to get the 2D ultrasound done on my heart. I will know if everything is ok in about a week. I'm trying not to worry about it and lay it Jesus' feet for the most part I am able to do that but then the what if's start to creep in and I have to shut them down quickly! It's nice to know that I am in God's care.

Today right before gymnastics I went outside to get something and Sherry was showing a house a few doors down. I heard her voice and I knew it was her! She came over and the people she was showing the house to, I knew as well! They came and looked at our house not that we are selling. But we've been trying to get Sherry to come look at the house for about 6 months, just funny how it turned out.

Red News: Now this is probably only exciting to me but I'm going to share anyways. Yesterday Red had diarrhea and a clear runny nose, so I looked in his mouth and he is getting two new teeth. Well after the second diaper of diarrhea his little butt was sore looking. I was going to be giving him a bath after dinner which we were right about to sit down to eat so I put him in big boy underwear to eat. Before I put them on him he says, "potty" so I took him to the bathroom where he peed in the toilet. Then we put the underwear on ate dinner. After dinner he was running around the living room waiting for me to be ready to put him in the bath tub. All of a sudden he runs up to me "poop poop potty" remember he had diarrhea so we ran to the potty. I took off the underwear and put him on the potty. He peed again and then he diarrhea pooped in the potty. It is clicking with him. I think he is ready to really start potty training. The only problem is Jeff and I are leaving over night soon and so I think I will wait until we get back to fully start the process. I am praying he potty trains as fast and as easily as the other two did. That would be AWESOME :)

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sarahgrace said...

Potty training, when it's clicking, that is, is always exciting...I think! Go Tanner! And yay, for you, maybe he'll be done by the time the baby arrives...that would be sooo nice!