Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm so refreshed!

J and I just got back from our over night get away! It was fantastic. The room we stayed in was huge and very home-like. We had two hard parts of the trip the first was leaving our house, our oldest, GlamorGirl held on to me for dear life when I gave her a hug goodbye and was crying. The baby was napping when we left which we had told him several times we were leaving so that made leaving easier on me, especially. We got there at 3pm for check in and went to see our room. We tried to take a nap but neither one of us could. I think it was the excitement of being away that kept us awake. So we snuggled and watched cable television, we don't have cable at home. They had a cheese and wine tasting at 5pm which we tried. It was a nice spread of fresh fruit, all different kinds of crackers, three types of cheese, and party mix. They also had 4 different types of wine and sparkling grape juice that was non-alcoholic so I could feel like a grow up too! Then we took a walk around the town and walked to dinner it was a block away from where we were staying and it was tasty. We went back to the room and got in the hot tub and started watching The World Trade Center we were getting wrinkly in the tub so we got out and moved the movie to the other television and laid in bed. When the movie was over we called the kids to tell them good night. The two older ones were excited to talk to us on the phone and told us all the fun things they got to do. Then we talked to Red and he was crying "mommy." That was the second hardest part. We got off the phone and J and I almost started crying, ok mostly me but it was hard on him too to hear our baby crying for us. I went to bed at 10pm and J watched tv in bed for awhile, this is what we do at home so I am so used to falling asleep to the tv on. I was a little upset that I ended up waking up about 3 times during the night. Once I had to pee and the other times I just woke up. We ate breakfast and came back to the room. I showered and then J surprised me. He had brought two songs from our wedding with and we danced. It was really sweet. But there was more...he had brought our wedding vows with too. Last Sunday our Pastor challenged the married men to renew their wedding vows with their wives. So he read from the Bible about marriage and then we read our vows to each other. We were both crying at this point. Afterwards we prayed together. It was so awesome. Then we checked out.

Another exciting thing that happened and I don't really remember when it was but I know we were in laying down in bed and the baby was jumping around and I grabbed J's hand and placed it on my tummy and he felt the baby move for the first time!

After we left the bed and breakfast we walked around the town and looked in all the different stores. It was a very neat little town. The buildings were very historic and it was so cool to walked into these stores that used to be houses. We bought a caramel apple with peanut butter pieces on it and we tried candy that looked just like rocks. Then we stopped for lunch at a restaurant that used to be a barn. It had the most wonderful food I had ever tasted. After lunch we headed home with a plan to stop at the Outlet mall. We made some purchases there and got back on our way home. We ordered pizza and it arrived as soon as we pulled in! The kids were so happy to see us as we were them. It just makes me realize how much I really do love those little burgers! Now they are in bed and I am going to go get my pj's on!

P.S. I really encourage you to go away with your husband for the night. We were both completely blessed by being with each other. We talked and talked and talked and more but I won't share that part *wink* *wink* It was really truly a time to reconnect as husband and wife and refresh as parents!

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sarahgrace said...

Sounds so verrrry nice! Good for you two!

Sometimes I miss my little guys even when I've only been gone for two hours... :)