Monday, April 02, 2007

What Busyness we have had...

I am so glad that I woke up feeling good on Friday because we had a busy weekend. Friday night the kids and I went to the Variety Show at their school. We had bought tickets in advanced so I'm glad we got to use them. My sis-in-law sang a song from the Little Mermaid. Now just for those of you that don't know but that is Red's *favorite* princess. He loves to watch the movie and it was the only princess he would sit next to at Disney. A lot of people say it is because she has red hair like him...I really don't know why he likes her so much but he does. When Liz was on stage singing Red yelled "Ariel" it was really cute! We didn't even stay for the whole show but we were there for 2 1/2 hours.

Saturday morning I had a Tea Party to attend. J had the kids while I went and had a relaxing time with the women from my small group. It was a really neat Tea Party. Ok I really have nothing to compare it too but I thought it was cool. We each brought our favorite mug and then we were able to tell why it was our favorite, we ate, did a devotional, and then ate some more. It was GREAT!

As soon as I got home I got the kids ready and we left for one of Monkey's friends birthday party. Two of my friends from the Tea came with us so it was fun. We dropped Monkey off then we took GG and Red for some ice cream. After the party J called saying that he was driving the *new* squad and wanted to meet us if we could. I hadn't seen him hardly at all so I was totally for it! The new cars are nice. We got home around 4:30 and I got dinner ready. After dinner we took a walk and after the walk I started not to feel so good. I think the walk pushed my body over the edge of what it could handle. I had only felt good for a day without throwing up. Saturday night I threw up again. I'm not sure if it was pregnant sickness or the flu still? Either way I went to bed hoping I would feel better for Sunday because we had another busy day.

Sunday we went to church and after church we went to J's cousin's house for his Aunt Judy's birthday party. It was an hour drive so we didn't get there until 1pm and we left around 4:30 getting us home around 5:30 just in time for dinner and bedtime routine. The kids had a blast at his cousin's house she has 4 kids and the youngest is GG's age. Then his other cousin has 4 also but the baby boy (only 6 days old) didn't come, his girls are 5 (almost 6), 4 and 2, so GlamorGirl had plenty of girls to play with! The boys had fun too playing air hockey. Monkey was stuck to that game!!

Today the kids have gymnastics after school only 2 more weeks, including this one. They only have 4 days of school this week and then Spring Break. I am so excited about all the fun we have planned I am just hoping that the weather cooperates with us.

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sarahgrace said...

Oh my...busy, busy, busy...and glad you are feeling a little better... Now that I know what it's like to be sick and pregnant, my heart goes out to you...