Wednesday, June 06, 2007

School's Out for SUMMER!

My baby is now a 1st grader :)
Here is the short video I took of the balloon launch that ends the school year. Monkey's class did it too but we were at graduation when his class launched.

As for the rest of our day it was pretty crazy. After school we went out for lunch and then headed to meet my mom an hour away. Let's just say it has been one of those days as much as I have tried to make it fun and non-stressful. We were shopping in Sears and Monkey had to go potty so I took him and left the other two with my mom. He had to go number 2 when he was done I asked him if he got it all out. Well he said yes but he didn't. We went back to shopping and all of the sudden he grabs his butt and says I have to go. We run to the bathroom all of us because my mom had gone out to her car. We were in the bathroom for over 20 minutes and the underwear he was wearing went into the garbage. I had to wash his shorts because poop got on them and GlamorGirl (what a great little helper) stood at the blower dryer and dried the shorts while I cleaned Monkey up. I don't know how he did it but he had it EVERYWHERE even on his ARMS, that will remain a mystery to me how he accomplished that. This bathroom only had a blow dryer so I asked a nice girl who unsuspectingly happened to use the bathroom while we were in there if she could get an employee. I NEEDED PAPER TOWELS! They gave me some from the cleaning crew and the clean up went much smoother. By the time I was done washing him the shorts were dry. Poor Red was in the stroller while all of this was going on. GlamorGirl had given him his cup but it was empty so she filled it up with water from the drinking fountain except that she didn't put the lid on all the way and I had a Red soaked in water. At least it was WATER. At this point I am thinking we need to check out and go home...we have an hour drive. We said goodbye to my mom and left. I called J and made plans to get Subway for dinner and meet at the department. I gave him the run down of my day (nightmare) and we ate dinner together. Then GG went into the bathroom to blow her nose. Two minutes later I hear my name being called from the bathroom. I go in to find she had dropped the tie to her dress in the toilet after she had was in pee water. Good thing I had brought the clothes we had bought to show J, I just changed her into the new dress. What is the saying, "When it rains, it pours?" It was one thing after another today and I was trying not to let it ruin my day. If nothing else it is a good story and will one day be a good laugh :)


Anonymous said...

Ha that funny! Not for you but seriously funny... Like my day was with one of the kids I baby sit for..... He had peed in his pants twice... not cuz he is not train he just biffed it twice... then he spilled Ice cream all over himself then we were in the car and he spilled water on his pants... at this point I started laughting and he just cryed.. I explaind to him that his pants were like magnets attracting everything messy and he started laughting with me... what a ham! Ahhh kids.... got to love em!!!

hestermom said...

It feels mean to laugh, so I will chuckle to myself, and then feel great amounts of sympathy for you!! I had a similiar event at Target, the baby is screaming because he doesn't like the sound of toilets flushing, and I'm trying to get my older two to go potty, but the big stall that would fit all of us is taken...well, you can imagine. Almost makes you miss diapers. But not. =)

sarahgrace said...

Ha ha! First of all, I'm glad I'd finished eating before I read this post, and secondly, I always laugh, but know that there will be (more) days like this in my future as well. I guess they build character. Someday, some new mommy will be lucky to have you around to be a help when this happens to her.

Tonya said...

Great pics and great memories even the yucky ones. Those days make you really realize how far you have evolved as a Mom. We are pretty good at handling crises and able to multi task!!!