Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Boredom Busters

This list was from my blog friend Tee and I thought it was really good and wanted to post it on my blog as well. It has made me think of more ideas to do with the kids! Please add your ideas in the comments the more ideas the less boredom we shall will have :)
1. Tie dye shirts.
2. Picnic. done a few times already
3. Swim or play in a sprinkler. too many times to count!
4. Go to the movies. Many theaters, for example, (Regal Cinemas), have free family films on certain days during the summer. doing it this Friday night
5. Join your local public library's Summer Reading Program. check on this one as well
6. Go on a nature walk. Have your child keep a journal where they can draw the types of bugs, animals or plants they see. Identify them in a guide book from the library or a resource online.
7. Scavenger hunt (indoors or out).
8. Build forts out of blankets/chairs/tables, etc.
9. Get a book about making different styles of paper airplanes. Make a few different kinds and then fly them to see which goes furthest.
10. Fly a kite. You can buy one or make your own.
11. Plant a garden. Even if space is limited or soil quality is poor consider a container garden. Let them care for it. They'll be more likely to eat whatever veggie it is if they grow it themselves.
12. Catch lightening bugs. done this too
13. Play flashlight tag after sundown.
14. Make an obstacle course in the yard just using what's in the shed. (Hula Hoops, traffic cones, balls, jump ropes, etc.) Time the kidsgoing through it and see if they can beat their best time.
15. Have a lemonade stand. Older kids can calculate the cost of starting it and then figure how much to sell each glass. At the end of the day let them figure out if they made a profit or not.
16. Catch tadpoles and watch them grow into frogs and then release them back where you caught them.
17. Find out what volunteer opportunities are available in your city. Get involved along with your kids. (They could help you deliver meals for Meals on Wheels. Help prepare food at a homeless shelter. Do some yard work for an elderly neighbor, etc.)
18. Have your children write a letter to a family member who doesn't live nearby. Show them how to properly write the address on the envelope.
19. Think of things about your childhood you enjoyed and then share them with your child. If you used to like playing jacks or marbles, making a telephone out of string and 2 cans, putting baseball cards in the spokes of your bike, roller skating, Chinese jump rope, show them how to do it, too.
20. Climb trees. this is a daily thing with my monkeys
21. Hang up a bird feeder and keep track of the types of birds it attracts.
22. If you speak a 2nd language, speak it exclusively for one day each week so your children will pick it up. Make it a game. See how much they can figure out.
23. Teach your children old nursery rhymes, songs, or fairy tales which they still haven't encountered through school, etc.
24. Give your kids lots of art supplies and let them create. Hang their art and have an art show for Daddy when he comes home or even invite Grandma and Grandpa.
25. Check your newspaper for local events such as carnivals, festivals, car shows, or whatever else might interest your child.
26. Go to a museum. did this June 13th
27. Vacation Bible School or other free summer programs offered by your church, temple, mosque, etc. signed up for two!
28. Let your kids come up with their own show, theatrical play or commercial. After they have it planned out and have practiced, video tape it. Let them watch it when they're done. done this and I'm sure they'll do more
29. Play in the rain. Stomp in puddles. Look for rainbows. Make paper boats to sail in flowing water near your home (such as a small drainage ditch).
30. If you play a musical instrument, teach it to your child.
31. Read some funny poetry (such as Shel Silverstein) and then let your kids come up with a funny poem and illustrate it.
32. Go on a bike ride (get a seat on the back of yours for little ones).
33. Be a tourist in your own state. Search the internet for attractions within an hour or two from your home. You don't need a ton of money for vacation. Take day trips once in awhile.
34. Go fishing.
35. Pick a chapter book you loved as a child and read it to your kids each night.
36. Watch some fireworks.
37. Go out in a row boat or paddle boats. yep done it
38. Play board games.
39. Study safety. Water safety. Fire safety. Stranger safety. Gun safety. Etc.
The DVD The Safe Side, is awesome. It teaches kids stranger safety and is so entertaining that they actually ask to watch it again.
40. Have a yard sale. Donate the proceeds or use them for a special night out.
41. Go to Chuck E. Cheeses. love this place
42. Older kids may be interested in their heritage. Have them call, write or visit older relatives to collect information for a family tree.
43. Letterboxing or geocaching.
44. Make a time capsule and bury it in the yard.
45. Try No TV Week (or even just a day).
46. Look at the stars. Point out constellations.
47. Make homemade ice cream.
48. Roast marshmallows or make S'mores.
49. Camp out in the yard (even if only for a few hours).

I would add...
50. Go to the zoo and make a day out of it.
51. Go to the local pet store and play with the dogs.
52. Go to an amusement park or water park. went to Six Flags Great America/Hurricane Harbor
53. Go to cheap or free indoor play places on those really hot a Mall or McDonalds playland.
54. Have a water gun/water balloon fight! we did this one the day after Monkey's birthday party
55. Visit all the different parks in your town or surrounding towns to explore!
56. have a messy party with friends, we went to one a few summers ago and it was a blast. There was a mud pit, baby pool full of jello and other messy activities that kids don't get to normally do you can use your creativity with that one :) Finger/body paints is always fun too.
57. have opposite day where you do everything backwards like dinner for breakfast and so on.
58. We always like pj day where we watch movies all day long...again nice to do on those really too hot to be outside days.
59. Play dates are always a hit we are going to have a pool date sometime the week of July 2nd, hopefully

Ok that is all I can think to add can you think of more fun things to do? Please share. I just hope that I will be able to do at least some of these fun ideas so that the kids don't think mommy is no fun when she is pregnant!



Great ideas. I'll have to revert back to them when Hailee tells me she's bored :o) I guess it would help if I got off the computer too!

Tee said...

Glad you found the list useful!