Thursday, June 21, 2007


Sometimes I wish I didn't plan things because it seems that with kids they never end up working out the way I plan them. Last night Red was awake from 4am to 7:30pm, J took the 4 to 6:30 shift and I took over at 6:30, at 7am I figured out his ear was hurting him. I gave him some Tylenol and we fell asleep until 9am. Which probably means his whole sleep schedule is thrown off. We were planning on doing so many fun things today so I hope we still can and if not we will have other days to do these fun things. But why won't the doctor's office call me back so I can get him in, I have a feeling it is an ear infection.

We just got back from the doctor and sure enough he has an ear infection. I can count the number of times all 3 of my kids have ever had an ear infection and I think this will be the second total for all of them. I love that my kids have been healthy for the most part but they do get sick!!!


Tonya said...

I don't know why the pictures are out of order but this is what my new hair style looks like. The before and after shots my 6 year old took.

Anonymous said...

Silly doctors office...don't they know about a mother's instincts? ! ;)
The new haircut looks great!


I love your new haircut! I bet it feels great. My husband always wants me to cut my hair short. I probably should because all I do is pull it back in a pony tail anyway.

Hope his ear infection gets better and you guys get some rest :o)

Anonymous said...

Glad Jeff was home to help take over on the shift work.
Sorry to hear the little guy has an ear infection - we have been fortunate with those too but when they come they are rough.

Love the hair!!!! Too cute!!!

kristi said...

Adorable haircut!