Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Like I said, we left our house at 8:30am picked up our babysitter (she came with us so that GlamorGirl and Monkey would each have an adult to ride with) and we got to the park at 10 right when it opened. We went on the Big two story carousel and then to the Whizzer. When we got to the Whizzer we realized that Red was tall enough to go with an adult and GG could be by herself. Red loved it and didn't want to get off when the ride was over. Poor guy :) Then the kids went on a few barf rides, as J calls them, you know the ones that spin while spinning! I started to feel light headed, it was extremely hot with a heat index of 99.5 so we headed to an indoor theater for some air conditioning! Red and I stayed for another show so we could be in the air for a little longer. J and Jess took GG and Monkey on two rides while we watched the short movie again. Then we went out to the van and ate our picnic lunch. I felt much better after eating and cooling down my body temp in the nice cold a/c. We were headed to the Demon but the line for the Whizzer was super short so they went on it again. While they were gone I checked our map to see what we should do next. They got off and we decided that we should go to the water park since it closed in 2 hours. Jess took the two older kids to the water park because they all had swim wear on and just needed to take off the top layer. J went to the van to get the bag with our stuff in it. I took Red into an air conditioned store to get him to take a nap. It worked he was fast asleep by the time J got back. We called Jess to see where they were at in the water park and she informed us that GlamorGirl ran off and she couldn't find her. My heart stopped. We got to the place Jess was as fast as we could and I took the two boys while they looked. After about 20 minutes of not finding her I was getting extremely worried. J took Monkey with him to look for her and I took Red to the Lost Parents station to give a description of her and so on. That was the worst feeling in the world to have to say out loud that you have a missing child. Then proceed to tell them what she looks like height, weight, build, hair color and so on. I couldn't help but cry it was horrible. After about forty minutes we finally found her. When she saw me she started crying because she could tell that she really scared me. She wasn't allowed to go back into the water. At this point I had been in the hot sun for an hour with no shade and I was feeling it. I ended up going to the first aid station with GG while the rest of them swam, it was the only place in the water park with a/c. They gave me two huge drinks of Gatorade and let me sit in the air for as long as I needed. We stayed in there for about 40 minutes then we went back to get them. I took the stuff out to the van with Red and the rest of them were going to go on the Demon but Monkey didn't want to go so only J and GG went. When I got back I took the 3 kids on the train ride while J and Jess went on the Ragin' Bull. Then we went to an indoor show called Show Stoppin' it was just a bunch of singing and dancing but it was air conditioned :) By the time that was over it was 6pm and we were all hungry we got something to eat at the park. Then we went to Bugs Bunny land that had about 5 kid rides. Then we went to Cartoon Network area which had more little kid rides. Then I took the kids to the Wiggles World while J and Jess went on the America Eagle. When they got back the park was closing in 15 minutes so they took Red and GlamorGirl and went on the Whizzer one more time. Monkey didn't like that ride so we stayed in the Wiggles World and rode 2 rides and then went to meet them at the Whizzer. So apart from the fact that I am 6 months pregnant and it was a super hot day and GG getting lost we had a really good time. After dinner the sun went behind the clouds for the rest of the day and it was really nice and cool with a sweet wind that felt so good. Needless to say fun was had by ALL even the pregnant women who only got to ride 2 rides!

As for today we slept in and then went to get groceries and I'm planning on taking it easy today.

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Pottymomma said...

Tonya! That is sooooo scarey! I think I would have lost my mind. I am so happy that youguys found her and that she was ok. Did she say why she ran off?

sarahgrace said...

My, oh, my. Sounds like quite the day. I would be so freaked if one of my kids was lost, especially at a water park. I'm so glad you found her!
Glad you are takin' it easy! And I'm impressed that you actually got to ride a ride at all!

corrie said...

wow. i am tired just thinking about your day. you are wonder woman, pretty sure!

Tonya said...

Crissy- She ran off because she thought Jess told her to go play. Because she said to Breckin, "Hurry so *we* can get in the water." The maddening part is she knows better then to run off we talk about it ALL the time.

Sarah- The rides were like the carousel and a ride in the wiggles world that I wasn't really allowed to ride but I did anyways.